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Climate Fresk


CHF 120 p.p.


3 hours

About the Course

Want to help tackle climate change but don’t have the time to become a climate scientist?

With rigour and pedagogy, the Climate Fresk makes it possible in a short time to understand the functioning of the climate system as well as the causes and consequences of its disruption. Participating in this workshop raises awareness on the complexity of climate change, gives an overview of this vast problem and provides keys to understanding in order to act effectively.

As a result of this workshop, you will get a concrete call to action plan.

The Climate Fresk takes part in 3 stages:

Reasoning (1h30) : The participants will discover the "causes & consequences of climate change" cards and link it between them.

Creativity (30min) : It will allow your team to relax, digest the knowledge acquired in the previous stage and develop their creativity and ownership by drawing on the Fresk and giving it a title.

Discussion (1h) : Gives the chance to the participants to express their emotions about climate change and how do they see the future challenges. It will lead to a brainstorming session in order to develop new ideas bringing individual and collective solutions that you and your team will be able to implement.

More information:

  • Implementation: all year around

  • Location: Switzerland & Europe

  • Languages: English, German & French

  • Online & On-site

Not included

  • Transportation & Accommodation

  • Onsite location

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