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Conscious Christmas Fashion Tree Challenge


CHF 60 p.p


2 - 3 hours

About the Course

Be inspired and have fun with your team in an eco-friendly way with the Human Christmas Fashion Tree Challenge!

Every year, nearly 6 million Christmas trees enter landfill the environmental impact of Christmas Trees consumption & Good Practices.

  • Have one representative per group to serve as figurative christmas trees.

  • Divide the other players into teams based on the number of trees.

  • Example: If there are three figurative trees, then divide the players into three teams.

  • Each team will have to decorate the human tree with different up-cycled christmas decoration.

  • Each team will do a catwalk where a jury will elect the best!

  • Special surprise for the winner team.

More information:

  • Implementation: from November to December

  • Location: all around Switzerland

  • Languages: English, German & French

  • On-site


  • Apero

  • Dinner

  • After party

Not included

  • Transportation outside Zurich

  • AV equipment

  • On-site location

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